Folklove Connections

At the core of Folklove's philosophy, is to encourage women to connect to each other, to share, their journeys, experiences, wisdom, spirit, joy.

That deep felt wisdom that comes through the passage of puberty, adulthood, motherhood, menopause and retirement.

We may live within scattered families that have moved away, relationships that may not always hold the space for us we need, elder wisdom in grandparents that may not be around us any longer. 

We believe there is strength in women coming together, that the power of women rises with age and our job is to keep sharing the wisdom of our elders, wherever we may find them, related or not.

Society needs us now, more than ever, to hold this space of wisdom, for connection to source, for mother nature, for regeneration of our earth, for better ways to improve our birthing, our living and our dying - we are all connected to one source - our planet.

We must speak our truth, not everyone will agree with us or understand us, but there is truth in all of us that needs to be shared.

We have a mission to heal our culture, with wise women of truth.