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Folklove Clothing is a Natural Fibre Revolution dedicated to creating timeless, comfortable designs intended to soften and become your favourites.

We offer Life Time Wear, Repair and Recycling into new items at the end of the garment life.

We use naturally grown fibres like Hemp, Wool, Silk and Linen, those that are sourced for their environmental rating, worker's fair pay and support as well as sustainability with transparency.

By Mindfully and Intentionally choosing to wear natural fibres, we naturally feel more comfortable, natural fibres allow body temperature fluctuations to naturally flow, for extra warmth or cooling down when needed and we can trace the ethical transparency in supply chain from grower to customer, making a difference at each and every step.

Linen and Hemp will soften with use as neither requires washing after every wear, just airing then wash after sixth use and can take at least five to ten years to truly soften up. All pieces are simplistic in their classic designs, to complement your curves, allowing you to shine your uniqueness whilst flaunting your style.

Our philosophy at Folklove is to create a relationship with our customers by offering repairs and also an End of Garment service for repurposing your garment into another version of itself when it becomes irrepairable.

The inspired design behind Folklove merges the love of couture tailoring of the 1940's through to the empowered 1970's Hippy's and the amazing embroidered traditional Folk Costumes of the world.

Folklove designs are trans-seasonal, being worn throughout the seasons and are perfect pieces as a capsule wardrobe investment pieces that offer waist-less comfort to waste-less conscious women of the world.

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