Natural Fibres for Natural Beings - Never buy or wear Synthetics Again

We are natural beings so it makes sense that we wear natural fibres that breathe and allow the trapped heat to move away from the body when hot and retain that heat when we are cold, that is a simple enough way to dress right?

Well the wearing of Natural fibres used to be the way we clothed our bodies in the very old days we, when we were healthier as we thermoregulated our body temperature, releasing toxins, sebum and hormones through the skin by sweating .

However, nowadays the popularity of synthetics, their colourfastness, ease of use to wash and non-ironing requirement  have almost completely taken over in uniforms, sportswear and day wear, no ironing required, melting at high heat and staining and keeping all those released toxins, oils, hormones in sweat close to the body.

Synthetic fibres also brings to mind the safety of synthetics to melt, singe and burn also whilst on the body.

Synthetic fabrics do not work for the Menopausal Woman with fluctuating body temperatures and hot flushes - synthetics are a curse!

Linen is the woven end product made from Flax -the cellulose fibres that support the stalk of the flax plant - Linum Usitatissimum. Flax had been used by humans for centuries, like hemp - cannabis sativa and was discovered in Dzudzuana caves in Georgia some 30,000 years ago and used for centuries.

We use only natural fibre fabrics of Hemp, Peace Silk, Merino Wool and Organic sourced Cotton muslin gauze.