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As the name infers, we at Folklove are true Nature Lovers dedicated to making a difference in all we do.

We want to get back to a simpler lifestyle, not driven by excess buying of synthetic products for the skin and body driven by advertising firms and pharmaceutical companies. 

By living a more simple life, simply changing our buying habits, truly examining where we spend our money and what what is this product's end use, we see our household footprint and see where we can all make a difference.

If simply readjusting our mindset from buying disposable products to finding recyclable and re purposeful products creates a more ethical and sustainable way of living with this planet, not just on it, we are already on the way to creating a better way of living.

This is what I believe keeps us grounded, in touch with nature.

To purposefully buy to recycle, reuse and repurpose we give ourselves time to enjoy having less.

With less waste, we find less stress and less stuff that we don't need and more time to just be.


My perspective on living more sustainably is based on many years of studying Naturopathy, Herbalism and Permaculture,  supported by cleaning with my eco-cleaning  products. I did work for a cleaning company that used toxic chemicals to clean houses which made me sick and i found out in later years , made the owner very sick also.

During this time I saw the cleaning products most households use, the products filling bathrooms, counters, shelves - Bleach, oven cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner - all toxic rubbish. 

My cleaning products consisted of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet - in that order. Methylated spirits & dishwash for windows and glass, hot soapy water or essential oil and hot water for dusting and wiping down, and methylated spirits and essential oils for floors - that simple, that cheap and that easy! so you can see how much money they make on cleaning products when only four real products are needed!

Which brings me to the question......

What are the consequences of what you actually buy?

Do you read the list of chemicals for a longer shelf life or do you need a decoder for the chemical names?

What is the end use and how does it affect your body?

There is a common daily toxic chemical overload experienced by families in most households and I am sure most people don't actually look at the chemicals contained in products they use for the body, hair, nails, skin and household, how it affects their children, animals, birds and fish, some chemicals causing wheezing, or irritating conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema.

The average family's daily routine consists of  showering using  body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, then aerosol deodorants, toxic cocktails of formaldehyde in aftershaves and perfumes, petroleum based moisturisers, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, hair mousse, hair gel, hairspray, hair dye - that is a lot of chemicals every morning!

For this very reason I wanted to include a choice of natural Apothecary Products alongside our natural clothing Range to provide customers with a source of natural products free of toxic chemical fillers made only with natural products, derived locally and better for your body, your family and environment.

More so than ever in these times, it seems, so many have become disconnected from our natural environment - so far removed from our natural source, bombarded by technology, driven by media reports and bias, marketed to the extreme to save time and pollute the planet for future generations to remediate we end up destroying our planet and creating more anxiety.

In the garden, outdoors, in parks, bush walks, reconnecting to the planet we call home.

In doing so we realise we need more time outdoors than indoors, the place to reconnect and relax, nourish our mental and physical health with fresh air, sunshine, a cool breezes, hands on the sand, fingers in the dirt, smelling flowers, watching bees buzz and butterflies flutter by.

My own garden has been providing me with natural therapy and natural skincare products for many years and I wanted to share them with you.

After years of trialing different skin care routines, we have gone back to the basics of nurturing the body so the best ingredients are used without all the harmful toxins contained in longer shelf life products.