Folklove's Permaculture Gardening Blog

Folklove is grounded in permaculture gardening! 

My studio is literally surrounded by Trees, Flowers and Bees, I am inspired by Nature, by the everchanging seasons, perfect forms and shapes of all the seeds, leaves and fruits that grow and yes they do end up in my studio for a sketching and painting ideas too!

Why would we not share in the majesty of nature.

I love finding ways to grow food and flowers, nuts and seeds and berries and seasonally discovering how much we need to grow to feed our family and keep healthy. By sharing permaculture and regenerative gardening tips, everyone can enjoy and be a part of this sharing experience.

What you grow and how you use it can be very interesting and inspiring to others, especially sharing recipes, abundant crop ideas, repurposing old items and what works best. 

Planting by the moon and moving with the cycles also improves harvests 

Would you like to share your gardening tips? photos? recipes from your bounty?

Keep an eye out here for our upcoming Folklove Gardening website