Positive Body Image - Celebrate the body you have

Positive Body Image is a big topic and the one that we all need to check-in on!

Our bodies really are absolutely amazing - the way they carry on functioning without us doing much at all, we can eat good food, sleep well and exercise  -but how much self care and nurturing do we take time to do for ourselves, do we really love our bodies just as they are and make time for self care?

We all get distracted by what we see and hear in media these days but I say, forget the competition, between women, there is no competition as we are all unique in our DNA and anyway every other body is taken. I say your body is your enigma, your vehicle to move around, your imagination to create, yours to dress up or dress down, flaunt or hide, its up to you

The female body has been remoulded to suit the desires of a misogynistic patriarchal system of control for centuries now and this has put dire health expectations on individual wholeness, created unattainable beauty myths, made older women feel invisible, media bloggers enhanced beyond human and our ability to focus our kind thoughts upon ourselves is nearly impossible when comparison and competition is rife. But to see ourselves as unique, amazing and different, each one of us has the ability to slow down, switch off, focus on our own health and wellbeing at our own pace and empower ourselves the way we are meant to be naturally and wholly ourselves. I think older women are our allies in this arena and are true to themselves, sassy, outspoken and real.

They don't need to stay young forever ! who would?

The practice of honouring your self, being mindful of your time, of caring about your diet, how much sleep, regular exercise, fresh air and sunshine and being gentle with your mental health, are the components of living well.

We all need these to support our daily life, not just as a treat but as a daily practice.

I don't believe enough women take the time to truly nurture themselves, to focus on their positive attributes as an essential healthy way of living.

Goddesses in ancient times rose above the status quo to become powerful and famous for finding their own inner power by being themselves, exactly as they were meant to be!

Find your Goddess within by accepting that we each have body positives and negatives, we can begin to see what is comfortable to reveal and what is not, making it so much easier to choose clothes that fit, styles that suit and shapes and colours that complement.

Our bombardment of the Beauty industry and its constant Comparison goals are so detrimental to our health. It is unrealistic to compare a mature woman with a teenage fashion model body or teenage skin - why do we even buy into this kind of advertising in society anyway?

I believe its time that mature women make a stand in celebrating the journey of their amazing bodies! 

In all that they have experienced through puberty, adulthood, motherhood and menopause.

Its a call to reclaim agency over our bodies, teaching and reaching all ages to accept and love their bodies too - it's so lovely when another person notices you and compliments you and it would so lovely to pass it forward, keep the compliments flowing 

We are all born of stardust, so truly unique, perfectly imperfect, just the way nature intended, know we are worthy, we are enough, we have arrived.

Look at the photo of the moon sisters below, this shows just how much we all vary in body shape so why compete and compare?

You are Amazing

You are Gorgeous 

You are Enough

You are Loved

You are Valued

Love Yourself

Be Yourself

Do your thing Mama