Meet the Maker and Shaker

Folklove was created to fill a gap in the fashion marketplace lovers of slow, long term fashion, natural fibres that soften and last the journey, then turned into recyclable pieces.

Folklove reflects the lifestyle of the many gentle Folk that Love this Planet with a passion, want to change habits for a better future and healthy planet, those conscious of our footprint, who take responsibility for themselves, responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and the health of our one and only planet and all its living beings.

Many years ago I dreamt of designing a range of menopausal and corporate hippy clothing in natural fibres for long term wear, ethically and sustainable sourced and with a closed loop system ( meaning that it can be repaired and repurposed for the customer) and this encompassing conscious lifestyle creates a way to embrace, celebrate and share a life that softly steps forward to nurture this one and only planet we call home -whilst also keeping you looking fabulously gorgeous of course!


I first worked in The Australian Rag trade in Sydney in the 1980's, a buzzing vibrant fashion hub in Surry Hills. But soon the burst from offshore cheap production meant businesses moved to Alexandria & Redfern, no longer viable in the growing city. The desire for fast fashion created ever cheaper products, many Australian brands moving offshore and manufacturing exploitation and slavery used to feed the demand for cheap products, manufacturing overseas in China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan  and Cambodia.

I find it very sad that we lost such a vibrant artisan industry in Australia and want to bring it back. The UK never lost its Saville Row and Brick Lane they are thriving still decades later.

I do believe we need to bring manufacturing back to Australia, we did it before and we can do it again, in a sustainable, transparent and ethical way, a better way! 

With the wisdom and experience at the core of what I envisage a fashion designer should be offering, Folklove is something very special, a homegrown lifestyle brand created by an intrepid hippy who landed in the Snowy Mountains of Australia and decided to create a brand for those other Corporate Hippies and menopausal mamas who rock this planet just by being here, by being themselves!

I invite you to join our Sisterhood Folklove Family and be a part of the journey in thriving in an aligned sustainable lifestyle!