Menopausal Madness - finding your space & connecting to the change

Who would have thought that Menopause could be such a different experience for everyone, even men experience Andropause....

This is a time when old ways and habits are no longer of use, changes in body shape, temperatures fluctuate, brain fog, memory loss, loss of libido, sleeplessness and all that oestrogen out the window as chaos comes marching in!

It is a period of forced change that is sometimes hard to fathom - in these modern times we have become creatures of comfort, of habit and ceremony.

Although this change is challenging, it can also become an epiphany with a window into the life we want to live, the bucket list, waste no more time, the best time is now.

Many people don't make it to menopause and some people are still there, waiting for it to stop years later, still peeling off the onion layers of their past, wondering if they are close to the end or landing upon just another plateau.

I am in the midst of my menopause and it really has shaken me up and woken me up, I've grown so much, discovered so much about myself and my friends and family.

Like the inevitable journey of the chrysalis, growth is meant to be painful, life is not meant to be comfortable, what a journey it is to be alive, to be free, to be sassy, opinionated, outspoken, bold, brave and 100%  yet so very worthwhile in becoming your evolved self and proud of it. 

I find that connecting to other women and talking about the changes and challenges helps quite a lot.

As well as listening to podcasts and keeping up to date with health information, there is no one way or one pill wonder to fix this - it is just the journey of life into another phase, so breathe deep and embrace the wonder.