How we hand make our clothes

Welcome to the Folklove Shoebox Studio -The place where all the creative energies flow right here in the Snowy Mountains!

Our studio is a place of happiness, designed in mind to make the wearers happy too!

We love all kinds of music and have fittings checked by dancing around in the pieces to make sure they are not restrictive. We also have lots of laughter, after all the most wasted day is one without laughter!

Our Designs go through stringent quality control methods, so we know how our fabrics should be cared for. 

All orders are sent to our studio, where our seamstresses make up the design based upon your chosen midsize range, with colour and fabric availability on a first come first serve basis. Due to space constrictions, only our jackets are outsourced by an ethically supported small studio. Some fabrics are not always available to reorder.

Repairs and repurposing can be sent back to the studio at your postal cost, with a return prepaid envelope and we will be happy to design a creative solution for these.