Too Much Plastic in the World?

At Folklove we love natural products that are reusable, repurposeful and offer long term uses.

We also love the soil we live upon so much we decided not to use plastic- not at all - surprising ?

We have always preferred to use the natural alternatives available to us rather than use plastics, whether they say they are recyclable or not, we believe there is always better way and better alternative. 

We live as consciously as we can by growing what we can, composting and fertilising our soil with natural compost and recycling and repurposing all that we can. This used to most items 50 years ago, now plastic has crept into our daily lives so much, its become the norm. Well not for us

I wasn't surprised after composting packing boxes following a house move, that when I turned over the compost bay with a pitchfork I found only the plastic tape left in long strips from the boxes - the worms had eaten everything but the tape - why? because its plastic and is toxic to them!

If the garden cannot digest it we will not use it , after all, our grandparents survived without the stuff , so can we!

Supply creates demand so don't create demand for plastic - the planet doesn't need it and most tips are overflowing with the stuff!

So this is our stand against it - we don't buy it  - we don't want it - we don't need it!

We focus on the alternative because there is always and alternative and nature knows best - always

Bye bye plastic production - No more single use plastic , there is enough already to deal with!