Blacks & Greys

The blacks and greys are the most popular colours in any wardrobe and if you peeked in any woman's wardrobe, anywhere in the world, you would find black and grey items that perfectly tone down or dress up the neutrals or the bright colours.

Black is a great background for single colours to highlight and keeps it simple. Depending upon your occasion or mood, black can also be very slimming and sometimes an entire black outfit can be just what you want.

The same can be said for greys, not so bold as the black but still slimming and offering a vast choice of colour combinations to try - charcoal grey looks lovely with gumnut pink, green goddess, harbour blue and Uluru. 

Its all about testing the colours against your complexion - both forearm and face to see which colours enhance your complexion and which colours drain you - trial and error is the only way to know what works!

5 products

5 products