Hemp is our absolute favourite - sustainable - durable- natural - ethical - soil regenerating Fibre!

Yes We love hemp! it it the perfect plant overall and does so much good for the environment, one unique plant that keeps on giving.

Hemp is one of those plants that is meant for humans to utilise as it is thermoregulating, allowing heat to be circulated around the body when temperature rises and also holding off the cold when temperatures drop.

Hemp is antibacterial and allows moisture to wick through its fibres.

The seeds of Cannabis Sativa is good for our bodies too, by ingesting hemp seeds we provide ourselves with Omega's 3,6,9, alleviate pain responses, aid in assisting arthritic conditions and calm anxiety in stressful situations and in ADHD. We also have actual receptors around our bodies specifically for cannabis sativa to attach, like caffeine and mushrooms they are trigged by ingesting cannabis sativa.

Hemp has been around for centuries in all aspects of humankind's settled cultures. 

From buildings, to currency, to food, to skin products, to pain medication, rope and twine, flooring, bedlinens and fabrics for clothing, Hemp is good for us and good for the planet.

Growing Hemp on contaminated land remediates the soil as well as producing fibres for processing into fabrics it uses a third of the water to produce compared to cotton and lasts longer than cotton once processed.

I support Wikipedia and here is a link to the long list of the remarkable uses of the Cannabis Sativa - Hemp Plant  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp.

 We are waiting for our hemp to grown and be processed into fibre for you.....


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