Linen is such a beautiful fibre to wear and also natural fibre!

It was solely used throughout Europe, and well known worldwide for all bedding, homewares, clothing and underwear in the 1800's, when the European Mills were a booming trade, starting the industrial revolution to machinery replacing the workforce , and so the ladies invested in two or three dresses made to last for some four to five years or more, unless they were financially able to keep up with trends.

Linen is exceptionally strong even though it can soften to a silk like fabric, possessing extremely absorbent fibres that wick moisture from the body, it also breathes allowing the body to thermoregulate when over heated or cold.

Because of the long lasting fibres and fine processing, it became the main fabric choice for bedding, hankerchiefs and tablecloths as it lasted so long.

Linen originates from the fibres of Linum Usitatissimum or Flax, as it is commonly known. and because of its fast absorption of liquid, which is also very useful in dyeing, it became the fabric of choice for workwear and outerwear.

A Folklove, our Linen is also designed to last your lifetime, we invite you to return your items for repairs, repurposing and recycling. 

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21 products