Hand Made in Australia

Folklove Clothing is proud to be Handmade in Australia, our philosophy is to attain an all Australian Brand in as much raw material that we can source in Australia.

Australian Made is the future of clothing in this amazing country, clothing enough for everybody instead of reliance on overseas mass manufacturing.

Over the past 20 years it seems we have become Consumers, sadly no longer the  Customers we used to be. Even the way people's manners towards buying have changed with the urgency of everything (internet) is very noticeable.

We are told by marketing and advertising firms what to consume and how much we need to consume and when it all becomes too much, told to throw it away to landfill?

By choosing to become a Customer not a Consumer - what a difference we could all make!

The rise of the Consumer over the past forty years has become heavily reliant upon cheaply made, imported clothing made in dangerous sweatshops, with poor conditions and below basic wages often employing , under age workers to keep the prices down - yet the cost is very high.

The real cost of these products is not cheap at all, it costs the health of workers, mental health of being away from family to work, dangerous working environments costs lives and the massive environmental pollution at its end cost. 

This Consumer price tag may offer cheap prices, but the long term cost of operating this way is upon human life and the environment.

The time for change is upon us - it is now.

There used to be a vibrant and buzzing Ragtrade in Surry Hills, Sydney, thrity years ago, now that Ragtrade is west of the city where it still survives - just.

We have many makers and Artisans popping up all over the country, with amazing quality products that are made to last and not be disposable.

Our grandparents invested in quality and paid the cost of production in Australia, so why follow the masses?

Invest in products that are Australian Made.

Australian workers train many years to offer the expertise, workmanship, care and presentation that goes into making a product. 

We can support makers and reduce the carbon footprint by Buying Australian and keeping the economy of this nation here.

26 products

26 products