We absolutely love Australian Wool, especially home grown from right here on the Monaro in the Snowy Mountains of Australia!

Wool is such a fabulous fibre, it breathes with your body when adding layers of warmth or cooling you down as it allows the body temperature to fluctuate in temperature without holding in the heat and is perfect for layering.

Wool also lasts a long time, especially when it is hanger aired after use and only laundered when absolutely necessary.

Wool in Australia has been known as the "Backbone" of the economy in Australia, based on the Sheep's back - so why not utilise this most treasured asset for more people to enjoy. 

Wool is so much better for your body than wearing synthetics, it allows the skin to breathe, whilst circulating warm air around the body, it also insulates against the cold and is much better for the environment.

We will keep you posted whilst growing our wool.......

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